Sydney’s mobility challenges. There are answers. 

Picture and source content courtesy of NRMA.

Today the Sydney Morning Herald reported:
The vehicle fleets of almost half of Sydney businesses are spending an hour longer in traffic each day than a year ago, a survey by the NRMA has found. And a whopping 93 per cent of businesses believe Sydney’s congestion has worsened in the last year, according to the motoring group’s survey of 1100 businesses which run fleets of vehicles. Some 67 per cent of those polled use more fuel.”

There are answers.

We reported late last year a business-led project into workforce mobility has found that Sydney needs to improve on a range of critical indicators if it wants to become a more sustainable 21st century city.  The SBA Sustainable Mobility Project is a cross-sector collaboration to lead an Australian business response to the challenges and opportunities of meeting Sydney’s mobility needs more sustainably. The project’s aim is to explore what sustainable mobility means for Sydney and how business can bring forward solutions that can shape mobility; through collaborative engagement, innovation and new business models.

You can read more at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and download our report.

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