WBCSD releases Reporting matters and highlights SBA’s involvement

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Geneva/London/Mexico City 16 October 2017: Spanning 157 leading companies from more than 20 sectors and 35 countries, this year’s research points to positive progress in corporate reporting and disclosure as well as a continued movement towards digital reporting.

74% of WBCSD member company reports reviewed improved their overall score compared to baseline year 2013, despite pressure to strike the balance between stakeholder needs and increased disclosure requirements.

Despite progress, however, companies still face increased pressure to report on a growing number of disclosure requirements, while also meeting the needs of a wider variety of key stakeholders. Companies must find ways to meet the challenge, making sure all reported information is concise and meaningful.

Reporting matters helps companies meet the challenge by providing good-practice examples as well as general trends and benchmarks over the past five years. This is particularly useful to business because insights can be shared across sectors for collective improvement.

Download the report at the WBCSD web site.

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Updated: 17 October 2017

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